From an onboarding environment to creating a learning organisation: Hubper offers solutions for multiple challenges within your organisation.

Continuous HR development

Which skills do your employees need to continue growing within the organisation? With Hubper you can easily identify everyone’s skills. Which is how you can get insight into what is going well and which processes need some improvement. Make your employees sustainably employable with an online academy, and use the insights for things like your talent acquisition process.

Online academy for students

As an educator you want to offer your students a user-friendly learning environment. You can do so with Hubper! Our adaptive learning system fully adjusts itself to the student’s learning style, which makes learning an efficient and positive process.

Onboarding employees

Offering employees a flawless onboarding process often seems to be a challenge, while it is such an important process in the connection of your employee to your organisation. Create your own e-learning that contains important information about the first weeks in an orderly fashion.

Create a learning organisation

Stimulate your employees or students to keep learning and developing themselves. In our online learning platform employees have space for innovation and developing their skills in an optimal way. This is how they are able to adapt their services to the ever changing environment. With Hubper, you can easily create your own online academy for your organisation. Read about the solutions we offer here.