The complete online academy for your organisation

By using Hubper you easily and quickly build an online academy. With our extensive and convenient features our e-learnings or microlearnings are ready in no time for your learners or colleagues.

Extended features for users and administrators

You can perfectly work with various roles and rights in Hubper. Our features are attuned to this. View the features for users, administrators and content creators.

Smart learning

Hubper helps you to learn smart and efficiently. We continuously measure what you already manage and what still needs attention. This way you learn what you don’t know yet.


On your personal dashboard you have direct insight in all your activities and your education history. From here you click to various learning activities, such as an e-learning or microlearning, but also podcasts or videos for example.


Brainpower is our smart knowledge app. Measure and train your knowledge by answering questions. The algorithm of Brainpower adapts directly to your knowledge level. This ensures a quick learning process, in which new knowledge is effectively taken in and remembered.

The best content

Are you looking for more interesting trainings? Search in the library. You can find here various sorts of content; e-learning modules but also smart knowledge trainings, videos and podcasts. There’ll always be a from that suits you or a subject you’re interested in.

Manage users and customers

As an administrator in Hubper you’ve the overview of all users and possibly customers that also use your Hubper-environment.

Divide users in groups

Do you have specific learning forms and content for certain groups within your organisation, such as employees of a certain department or with the same function title? Create groups for whom you set out the learning modules.

Insight in the use of your online academy

Being an organisation or manager you want to know how the organisation performs on the learning area. The My Team overview always gives direct insight in the current situation. How far is everyone? How do your colleagues our learners learn? Who hasn’t met the qualifications yet? We provide real time insight.


Link external tools and apps

You easily link Hubper with various other apps, such as AFAS, LTI and Scorm. Down below you’ll find an overview of our intergration possibilities. 

Display content

Dependent on your aim you choose the suitable learning forms or activities to present your content. Think of an e-learning or microlearning. Of course you’ve the freedom in this to use text, image, video or audio. 

Reuse content

All content you make in our content management system Warehouse can be added in all form and activities you create. In this way you can easily use content you’ve already created in several activities and learning forms. Quite efficient. 

Edit at one central place

Our cms Warehouse offers an overview of all made content. Did you edit something in your content here? You’ll automatically see the edit in all modules in which the content is used. So, with one press on the button your content is updated everywhere.

Multiple languages

Do you have international learners or employees and do you want to provide your content in multiple languages? No problem. You can train, learn and educate in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish in Hupber. 

All features

View the overview of all features and the corresponding packages and prices.


  • E-learnings
  • Certificates
  • Your own look & feel
€ 250
per month & up to 100 users


  • Everything from starter, and:
  • Continuous development
  • Links & integrations
€ 525
per month & up to 250 users


  • Everything from Growth, and:
  • More users
€ 950
per month & 250 to 500 users


  • Everything from Growth+, and:
  • Custom app
  • Access tot the Hubper content library
€ 1.750
per month & up to 1000 users


We are good in linking. We do this with our own API, but also with several standard integrations. In this way you easily link the content and learning apps you’re used to and you can create your own online academy. View the overview of all integrations we offer.