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Develop courses, dive into the complete Dutch course catalogue and make growth insightful. Discover the all-in-one growth platform by Hubper.


On your personal dashboard you have direct insight into all of your activities. From this page you can go to various learning activities, like e-learning or microlearning, but also to, for example, Meet-ups, podcasts, or videos.

Hubper Library

Are you looking for more interesting courses? Then browse through the library, which is where you can find all kinds of activities: from e-learning to videos and podcasts. There is always a method that aligns with your needs.

Learning Analytics

As an organisation and manager you want to know how the organisation is doing when it comes to learning. With the My Team overview you always have direct insight into the current state of affairs. What is everyone’s progress? How do your colleagues or students learn? Who already meets the qualifications? We provide real-time insight.


Hubper is the ideal mix between an LMS & LXP. An LXP provides a personalised, social, online learning experience for users. At the same time, you organise and manage the learning needs and progress of your users with the LMS. All from one central and clear platform.

Make changes in one central place

Our Content Management System offers an overview of all the courses that have been created. Do you make any changes to the content? Then you will automatically find these changes in all of the modules that this content is part of. This way, your courses are up-to-date everywhere with the click of a button.

Multiple languages

Do you have international employees and do you want to offer your courses in multiple languages? No problem. You can train, learn, and educate in Dutch, English, Polish, German, French, and Spanish in Hubper.

Creating your own courses

An online range of courses is necessary in every library. They should be courses that meet the organisation’s needs, and with our online learning environment you can bring your range of courses to your students easily. In our online academy you can create appealing courses, link them to the right customer or student, and also get an insight into your student’s learning process. It adapts itself to the learning behaviour of your students, which helps them study and gives them a positive learning experience.

Create an organisational learning culture

When you continuously develop your employees, it decreases the loss of knowledge within your company. Everyone is being updated all the time, which means that you do not have to deal with people forgetting existing knowledge or losing certain knowledge when, for example, an employee leaves the company. Continuous development accelerates the learning process, which is not only beneficial for your employees and their work, but also saves you lots of time and money. Perfect, right?

Adding existing courses

Would you prefer to add existing courses to your library? By connecting to services like GoodHabitz, Edubookers, and LTI you are able to add online courses to your library. Even cooler: the online learning activities made by Hubper. Created by specialists!

Making organisational growth insightful

As an organisation and manager you want to learn in a smart and efficient way. Where does everyone stand in the process? How do you colleagues or students learn? Who does not meet the qualifications yet? We can give you real time insights. Hubper helps you to learn in a smart and efficient way. We continuously measure what you already know and what needs a bit more attention. This way you only learn new information and qualify your employees.

Integrating and connecting for a complete academy

You can easily connect your courses and learning apps that you like to use. This is how you create your own online academy. We provide the right match for your academy, so your organisation can grow in a safe, comfortable, and smart way. Read the overview of all our available integrations.

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