The smartest combination of LMS and LXP

Go beyond just an LMS. Give your users a learning experience. An LXP offers a personalised, social, online learning experience for users. It helps discover learning opportunities and ways to improve them. At the same time, you organise and manage the learning needs and progress of your users with the LMS. All from one central online learning platform.

Easily build your own LMS

With the extensive and neat features you can develop courses, ensure that employees have an efficient onboarding process, have real-time insight into skills & knowledge of your organisation, and share knowledge through your own content creation. For a future-proof organisation.

Learning Analytics

As an organisation and manager you want to know how the organisation is doing when it comes to the field of learning. With the My Team overview you always have a direct insight into the current state of affairs. What is everyone’s progress? How do you colleagues or students learn? Who does not possess the right qualifications yet? We give you real-time insight.

Online learning offer

Discover the library: you can find all kinds of courses here. From e-learning modules to smart knowledge training, videos, and podcasts. This way there always is a style that suits you, about a topic that you are interested in. Use our own Learnings to supplement the library with interesting microlearnings.

Authoring tool

Easily build e-learning modules, ass different learning styles, drag it to the right place and immediately see how the user will experience the e-learning. Keep courses up-to-date and make videos interactive. This is how you offer courses that match the needs of your organisation.

Integrations & the LMS

We are good at pairing. We do this with our own API, but also with all kinds of standard integrations. This way you can easily link the content and learning apps you are used to and create a real learning experience for your user. Think of: courses by GoodHabitz, easily linking users in the system with SAP, or creating interactive videos with Hihaho. Look at the overview of all integrations that we offer.

Inspirations from us, to you

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