The Hubper Library

The online academy is not complete without an inspiring range of courses. You can find more than 200 learning activities in our Library which are relevant for everyone, no matter their function or organisation. Discover them here!

Advantages of the Hubper Library

What makes the Hubper Library so awesome? We find it important that your employees can learn the way they prefer, which is why we not only offer e-learnings and microlearnings, but also summaries videos, and Learning Playlists. Learning Playlists are curated learning paths that you can, for example, use for the onboarding process or if you want to put together a learning path for a specific qualification. Because of this diversity, there is always a learning format that aligns with people’s needs. The Library is also filled with learning activities that focus on soft skills, from sustainability to leadership, and from time management to personal effectiveness. These soft skills are relevant for everyone, no matter their function or organisation. Do you need your own learning activities? We also create custom online training courses! Get into contact with us!

Learning methods

You can choose the most suitable learning methods or activities to present your content in, depending on your goal.


Do you want your users to quickly learn something about new topics? Microlearnings are the way to go! In this method, users immediately get tips to improve their skills.


There is much more space to deal with bigger topics in e-learning. You go in depth and have the option to test their knowledge at the end.


Video combines visuals, sound, and text to achieve the learning goal. Upload your own videos and make them interactive by using questions.


A Meet-up is an online or offline moment of contact. You can easily add them to your academy and combine them with other learning activities in a Learning Playlist. This is how you offer a varied learning process.


The present day professional wants to learn where and whenever they want. With podcasts you can offer them this flexibility, so users can always learn something new.


With an assignment you make sure that the users can apply the acquired knowledge in their daily life. They do not only follow a training, but also effectively store the knowledge in their brain.


Do you want to know what your user’s level is? Add an exam to a learning activity to get an insight into which skills an employee possesses, and which they lack.


The word says it all. By using summaries you can offer the highlights of a book, a Meet-up, or an e-learning.

Inventories & measuring

With this function you can create evaluations, identify qualifications, and create skill measurements. The latter can provide an insight into the skills and qualities of your team!

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