The online academy for transport & logistics

Successfully guiding your employees from point A to point B with a central learning platform, Hubper can elevate your organisation and employees to the next level.

Fast onboarding with Hubper

The value of good employees is undeniable. Yet, it can be challenging to find and keep suitable employees. More than 50% of the functions in the transport and logistics sector remain unfilled. Simply offering a pingpong table and a Friday afternoon get-together is not enough. A digital onboarding process speeds up the training process, creates a bond with your employees, and lowers the employee turnover. It also puts you one step ahead of the employers who do not offer this process. Smart!

Learning where and whenever you want

In the logistics and transport sectors it is important for your company to have the right qualifications, and to stay up-to-date with everything. This can be challenging in the transport and logistics sector, but, fortunately, you know exactly which employees possess the required qualifications and who has some work left to do. Do you not have your laptop with you right now? With our app you can learn where and whenever you want, and you can do so in multiple languages (like English and Polish). This is how we encourage continuous development.

Discover the benefits of an online academy for the transport & logistics sector

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