The online academy for the catering industry

Did you know that continuous knowledge development results in a 7% reduction of employee turnover? With Hubper’s online academy, your employees are able to develop themselves in no time, so they are immediately prepared for their first day!

Retain your employees with Hubper

More than 44% of employees in the hospitality industry change jobs every year. It is important to absorb this high turnover rate with a good recruitment & selection process, but also with training and education. A digital onboarding process ensures that your new employee is ready for their new job from day one. Simply put together a Learning Playlist with all the basic training courses, so that your new employee is not immediately thrown into the deep end, but can get started right away!

Employees with the right training in no time

Imagine: a customer orders an extra cup of coffee because your employee has just completed an e-learning about how they can make the best coffee. In the hospitality industry, it is essential that all your employees have the right skills. In the Hubper academy you will find all standard training courses that are necessary for a successful catering company, from Barista training to Hospitality to HACCP. Did an employee complete the training? Then you are able to reward them with a certificate, which is made in your catering company’s own look & feel! 

Learning however, wherever, and whenever your employee wants

Organising a classic training can sometimes be a challenge. In the Hubper academy everyone can learn whenever they want to. Our learning platform is fully responsive: each training is immediately available in both the app as well as the desktop. Your employee is able to quickly gain knowledge before their shift through a microlearning, interactive video, or an e-learning!


Discover the benefits of an online academy for the catering industry

Curious about the possibilities of an online academy for your organization? One of our Product Specialists will be happy to help you! Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.