The online academy for the temporary and flexible labour market

A long life of learning and development, that is what we find important. Your temporary worker becomes versatile when you come up with clever learning solutions.

Stimulate lifelong learning and developing

A growing economy means that a lot of organisations are looking for temporary workers. To meet the ever changing demand of the market, your employees need to possess various skills. We have more than 30 e-learnings, 150 microlearnings, and 20 Learning Playlists, and these are suitable for every professional. Do you have learning formats and content for certain groups within your organisations, like employees of particular departments, or those who share the same function? It is advised to create groups so you can offer them the same learning modules.

Wide range of educational activities for the temporary and flexible labour market

To make sure that your employees remain employable on the labour market, it is important for them to keep developing themselves, no matter if they are temporary or permanent. You invest in the personal development of your employee by using an online academy, and above all, you make your organisation appealing for new employees. Onboarding new employees quickly? You can do so with a digital onboarding, which contains all knowledge in one central place. Do you have employees that do not speak Dutch? You can find e-learnings, microlearnings, and Learning Playlists in multiple languages in our online academy. Useful for employees that work in the logistics, construction, or transport sectors!

Discover the benefits of an online academy for temporary and flexible workers

Curious about the possibilities of an online academy for your organization? One of other Product Specialists will be happy to help you! Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.