The online academy for sports

Are you curious what an online academy can add to your sports organisation? Hubper can elevate your courses to the next level. Develop various soft skills that enable you to go further in the sports business.

Establishing goals

It is important to establish goals when you work in the sports sector, and this is no different in an online academy. Goals guide you and make sure that your users can be the best version of themselves. This counts for everyone, from hockey coaches to gym teachers and football players. That is why you should establish learning goals for every course in the online learning environment. What should someone be able to do at the end of these courses? Or know? It is useful to know which goals the team or individual user has achieved at the end of the courses.

Create training and development tracks

You can easily create training and development tracks with the authoring tool. This can be of use when creating courses for members of a jury or coaches. In our academy you learn in different formats, both online and offline. You can format your content to a mircolearning, or a Meet-up. This moment of contact, whether online or offline, can be scheduled through the learning platform. Do you already possess a lot of existing knowledge as a sports organisation? You can secure your organisation’s knowledge in one central place on our learning platform. Neat! Do you want to learn more? There are plenty of courses designed by specialists in our library.

Discover the benefits of an online academy in sports

Curious about the possibilities of an online academy for your organization? One of our Product Specialists will be happy to help you! Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.