The online academy for educators

Create learning activities that are in line with the present day professionals. This is how you become an organisation that is continuously learning.

A continuously learning environment for educators

Lifelong learning and developing, that is what the present day professional wants. We often work flexible hours that suit our needs, and the courses that you offer should be flexible too: learning where and whenever you want. You can do so in our app or on your desktop. Every professional needs another teaching method: visual, textual, online, on the phone, or face-to-face. All of these methods are available in the online academy. You can easily develop courses that suit your user’s needs and preferences with the creator’s tool.

Create and manage

You can offer your range of courses to your students with our online learning environment. In our online academy you can create appealing courses, connect these to the right student or customer, and get an insight into the learning process of your students. Our adaptive LMS adjusts itself to the learning behaviour of your students, which creates a positive learning environment and helps them learn. Besides that, we also offer you the option for blended learning and you are able to keep track of your users’ progress and qualifications.

Connecting to Hubper

You can really create your own online academy with Hubper. And we are great at connecting, which we do with our own API, but also by using other system integrations. We offer online content from our own Hubper Library, but you can connect the complete range of courses to your own academy with the use of our integrations. Neat!

An online academy: these are the benefits

Curious about the possibilities of an online academy for your organization? One of our Product Specialists will be happy to help you! Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.