Customer sectors

Do you want to know more about what an online academy can add to your organisation? With the versatile possibilities of our online learning platform your employees are developing themselves more effectively than ever. In every sector.

The learning solution for every sector

Our innovative platform offers a suitable solution for every sector. Relevant courses from both the Hubper Library and courses from all over the Netherlands are available to you. This is how you make sure that your organisation keeps growing. We have listed a selection of our sectors for you below. Is your sector missing? No problem! Our platform is suitable for every sector!

Professional services

In an environment that is continuously changing it is essential to keep learning. With our online academy you train your staff to become the professional your organisation needs in order to grow. This way you are assured of well-trained employees, satisfied customers, and a strong position in the market.


Continuous learning and growth is central to sport. You do this both on and off the field. With relevant courses from the Hubper Library and content from the entire Dutch training offer, there are suitable learning activities for each sport. In addition, there are different learning styles in our academy, both online and offline.


Construction work needs to be carried out in a safe and healthy way, which is important to us at Hubper. The Hubper Library is filled with appropriate learning solutions, you can find courses on VCAs scaffolding, and working with hazardous substances. You can build the future with the Hubper Academy.

Transport & Logistics

In sectors like transport or logistics it is necessary to have the right qualification in your organisation, and to stay up-to-date. Fortunately, you know exactly which employees do and do not yet meet the required qualifications (like the WFTs) thanks to the qualification profiles. Do you not have a laptop nearby? You can learn when and wherever you want with our app.

Temporary and flexible employment sector

In order to keep staff employable on the labour market, it is important for employees, temporary or permanent, to continue to develop. With an online academy you invest in the personal development of your employee, and you make the organisation appealing to potential new staff. Want to train new staff quickly? You can do this with digital onboarding, where you have all knowledge in one central place. 

Tech & Start-ups

Tech & Software play a vital role for the future. Finding, properly training, and retaining staff is crucial. With an online academy you invest in your staff and in your company. This way you continue to innovate and become a leader in your field. Keep your staff up-to-date and become a learning organisation.

Catering industry

Many employees in the hospitality industry change jobs every year. It is important that you absorb this high turnover with training and education. That is possible with Hubper. In our online academy you can create attractive training courses, you can easily compile a Learning Playlist with basic training courses, you can link a course to the right customer or student and you also have insight into the learning process of your students.