Create an online academy for your learners

Make learning a fun, efficient and effective process and provide learners with a positive learning experience in a user-friendly learning hub.

Create and manage

You easily offer your courses to your learners with our online learning hub. In our online academy you can create appealing trainings, link a course easily to the right customer or learner and you’ve insight into the learning processes of your learners. Our adaptive LMS adapts to the learning behaviour of your learners which helps them in learning and provides them with a positive learning experience.

Academy per customer

Do you as an educator have to deal with various customers? You easily create new customer environments in Hubper with the look & feel of the customer. Your e-learning modules and other content can of course be used in various customer hubs. This way you manage everything in one hub, but every customer receives a unique custom made experience.

Content Management system

As an educator your content is your greatest asset, so we treat it carefully. That’s why Hubper offers an extensive content management system. See where content is used and how it’s used. Reuse content in various activities with simple search features and revise your content on one central place, after which everything is up-to-date again.