Continuous development of employees and the organisation

Inventory using an online academy if the needed skills are present in your organisation and what still needs development. This way you make the employees sustainably employable.

Continuous learning is proved to be more efficient

‘Continuous development’ and ‘setting up a learning organisation’ are terms we hear more and more. This has a reason. It’s proved repeatedly that continuous learning, so for example daily or weekly, is more efficient and effective than following an annual e-learning or studying a few weeks a year for an exam. Employees always have the relevant knowledge in this way which they can directly apply to their work.


Why is continuous development important?

When you develop your employees continuously, this lessens the knowledge loss within your company. Everyone is constantly updated, and that’s why you no longer have to deal with the forgetting of gained knowledge or disappearing of knowledge when an employee leaves the company. Continuous development ensures an acceleration of the learning process. This isn’t only good for the employees and the execution of the work, but it also saves you a lot of time and money. Isn’t that nice?

Insight with an online academy

Stimulating personal development ensures not only the development of the employees as individuals, but also the development of teams and organisations. Reacting to changes and adapting to new circumstances and insights has become more important for every organisation over the last years. When continuous development is centralised, this ensures that everyone can deal with changes better. An online academy contributes to learning in the organisation and making the position of the organisation clear; what still needs to be done to be prepared for the future.

Advantages of an online academy in organisation development

  1. Inventory of the current skills and development points: What misses in your organisation? What can be developed among the current employees and what can’t? 
  2. Insight in the learning process of employees and teams.
  3. The online learning hub ties in with personal preferences, learning styles and the knowledge level of individual users. This way they experience learning as a nicer process. Besides, the gamified environment ensures that users keep coming back to the platform. 
  4. An online academy is available on all the devices, so users can learn whenever and wherever they want.