What's New: October 2021

Evie Schellens

After a big update of the new user dashboard last month, we worked on some smaller updates this month. You can read all about it in this What’s New 👇

LTI for Learning Playlists & micro-learnings

As of now, we also support LTI for Learning Playlists & micro-learnings. This means that you are able to link directly to a Playlist or micro-learning from other LMS platforms, which is definitely easier!

Updates to the Warehouse

In the Warehouse, which is the content management system of the academy, you can find an overview of all your content and update it with a click of your mouse. Last month we updated some parts of the Warehouse which make this process even easier! It is now possible to specify the rights even more: for example, you can enable someone to edit and even delete content. It is also possible to delete content in bulk, which means that you can delete content from a specific year all at once!

We don’t support IE11 anymore

We stopped supporting Internet Explorer 11. It was announced a while ago that the browser will slowly be phased out, which is why we decided to stop supporting this browser!

The end of 2021 is near. That is why we are working on new updates for the last months of 2021. Stay tuned!

See you next month 🚀