What's New: February 2022

Evie Schellens

Last month we worked on a copyright update & launched a new Analytics tab, which makes it possible for organisation to get even more insight into their employees’ learning process. We are also introducing a new way of logging into the app. You can read about all of this here!👇

🔏 Copyrights by activity

More and more organisations are using Hubper to facilitate the growth of their organisation. Within these organisations, a lot of knowledge is shared and courses are created. This led to the need for copyright for each activity! From now on, the correct content experts are given administrative rights to the activities they are working on - without the other creators being able to access this.

📷 Logging in with a QR code

With Hubper you can learn wherever and whenever you want. You can do that on our desktop site, but also on our cool app! In it you have access to all your learning activities, your personal profile, and the Library. Many of our customers use Single Sign On to log in, for example when logging in with your Microsoft account. To make this possible on the app we have introduced something new; log in with a QR code. Scan the QR code on your profile in the web browser when logging in with the Hubper app - for example on your laptop - and you are immediately logged in. This way you do not need a password for the app & you can log in safely and simply!



📊Activity Analytics

And last but not least: new analytics! As admin you have a new tab per activity: analytics. In this tab you gain insight into the general analytics about this activity. For example, you can see the registrations per period, completions per period, average rating, average study time, and average turnaround time. This way we help you to gain more insight into how your employees use & experience the activity.


See you next month! 🚀