What is sustainable employability?

Erin Wiegers

The simple definition of sustainable employability is: creating the right conditions for employees for a long, healthy, and happy career. By ensuring that an employee enjoys working, is healthy and motivated, they remain employable for a longer time. Which, in turn, contributes to achieving the goals of your organisation. A sustainably deployable employee is agile, flexible, productive, and vital. They feel relevant, useful, and involved and have sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to perform excellently in their position.

Why is sustainable employability becoming increasingly important?

The world around us is constantly changing. Think of the rapid progression of technological developments and the emergence of new social media. In many sectors, these matters also mean that regulations are becoming stricter. Take, for example, the GDPR or the supervision of financial services. As a result, employees need to know more and more about changing legislation. So much is being asked of today's employees.

In addition, the retirement age is shifting a little further back. Work has to be continued for longer, which makes it even more important that an employee remains permanently employable. As an employer, it is essential to take into account the specific circumstances and wishes of your employees, as well as the different phases in their career.

How an online academy helps you with sustainable deployable employees

In order to be employable in the long term, employees must be able to continuously develop themselves. They need the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing circumstances, and as an organisation you have to be able to facilitate your employees in this. If they miss the connection, this can put them into a negative spiral. A lack of up-to-date knowledge and skills leads to uncertainty and increased work pressure, which in turn can lead to (long-term) absenteeism. And that has a major impact on the quality and productivity of your organisation.


With an attractive, accessible learning platform, in which your employee can find everything they need to continue to function optimally, you prevent missing this connection. An online academy with a low-threshold, with general training and knowledge from your own organisation, is the perfect tool for this. The Hubper academy is an interactive, central place where your employees can discover new things, test their knowledge and learn, both professionally and personally.

Sustainably employable as a spearhead of HR policy

An online academy is ideally part of a broad HR policy. With attention to employment conditions, inflow and outflow, career opportunities, health, and training. Research shows that attention to education and training is generally experienced by employees as very stimulating, even if they do not use it directly themselves.


Focusing on sustainable employability only has advantages for your organisation. In addition to the benefits we already mentioned, it promotes labour productivity and you have less staff turnover. This is great for your image as an employer, and expertise and knowledge remain within the organisation. Finally, your employees become more resilient, which leads to lower absenteeism costs. Did you know that we have written a white paper about sustainable deployable employees?

Are your employees already employable in a sustainable way?

The focus on sustainable employability should therefore be high on the agenda of every organisation. Curious how an online academy can help your organisation create sustainable employable employees? Request a demo or contact us!