What is an authoring tool?

Erin Wiegers

When you start working with an LMS, it is important that you are able to develop training courses yourself. This sounds complicated, but it does not have to be! Hubper has an authoring tool, which makes developing your own learning activities easier. Before we dive deeper into this, let's start at the beginning: what exactly is an authoring tool?

What is an authoring tool?

An authoring tool is a software tool that allows you to develop online learning activities. These can be, for example, microlearning, e-learning, or exams. It is of course important that the activities are user-friendly, but also that you continue to challenge your employees and keep them involved in the activities. You can do this by offering a varied and, above all, interactive range of learning activities as an organisation. That is why you can use the authoring tool in Hubper to build e-learning modules to which you can add different learning methods, such as definition cards, audio, and assignments. You can easily drag these learning methods to the places where you want them.


User-friendliness and simplicity are the number one priority in the authoring tool. Do you have little experience with developing learning activities? No problem! The user-friendliness of the authoring tool ensures that you can start developing an online training yourself. We also have a Knowledge Base in which various functionalities of the authoring tool are explained. Do you perhaps need help organising your online learning activities didactically? Our L&D specialists are happy to help you with this.

Which learning methods can you create with the authoring tool?

In Hubper there are several learning methods available from which you can choose. Everyone learns in a different way, of course. That is why you can adapt the learning method to the learning style that your employees like. Think of texts, (interactive) videos, audio, documents, assignments, and more. You can also bundle online learning activities in a Learning Playlist. This gives you an overview of all the learning activities you created, which is great for an onboarding process or a group of employees who need to master a certain skill!


You also want to be able to test the knowledge that your employees gain from the online learning activities. Which is possible! There are various test formats in which you can develop your own using the authoring tool. For example, with the authoring tool you can prepare an exam for your users, and you can also add different questions to a learning activity. Of course you can choose from different types of questions, such as multiple choice questions, video questions, or reflection questions, so you can measure exactly what you want to know.

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The right knowledge with the right people

With the authoring tool you can link training courses to employees who you think should follow them. You can divide these employees into groups and on the basis of job, department, and location level. This is how you quickly ensure that the right knowledge ends up with the right group, and therefore the appropriate employees. Very efficient of course. For example, create a group for all employees who are part of a management development program or for all externally hired employees.

Insight into your results

Of course you not only want your employees to learn more, but you also want them to learn in a smart way. But how can you check this? Well, the overview with Learning Analytics gives you insight into how your employees assess your learning activity and you can see which activities your employees follow. You also get to know how far they are with the activities and whether they already meet the necessary qualifications. Based on this information, you have real-time insight and you can immediately make adjustments in your organisation where necessary! This way you get the best out of your employees and your organisation.


Do you want to know how you can stimulate the development of your employees by creating high-quality activities with the authoring tool of our online academy? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.