Clever learning with Brainpower

Did you already get to know Brainpower? Brainpower helps you to learn in a more clever way and to remember better what you have learned. It works like an app, but can also be used on the web.

Brain what?

Brainpower is our new smart knowledge app, which we developed to let you learn as efficient as possible. Before we explain how the app works, it's good to know how you actually learn. 


Learning, how is it done?

Learning something new, become more skilled in something and changing your behaviour in the end, it all seems simple, but it's not. Did you know that 95% of our behaviour consists of 'unconscious' acting? That's why Brainpower works with learning goals. By specifically defining what you want to learn, you increase the chance of achieving your learning goal. Brainpower is developed in such way that you will eventually manage your goals and store them in your long-term memory. How we achieve that can be read down below.

All fun and games, but how do you remember all this knowledge?

Brainpower measures how well you manage a learning goal by asking different sorts of question on these goals. This works as follows: you get a question on your learning goal. You answer this question correctly. After a little while another question on the same learning goal is asked. When you again answer correctly, you have shown that you understand the content. The questions adapt themselves to your learning needs because Brainpower measures which learning goals you already manage. So you'll manage everything in the end. You can compare learning with Brainpower to running: by training a lot, you can achieve a higher level. Repetition and practice make perfect. Brainpower keeps repeating and measures how much you forget over time. We will continue until your learning goal is stored in your long-term memory. Which again will be visible in your learning analytics.

A little peek into the app

In the app we precisely show which learning goals you have already dealt with and understood. Just a little motivation!


Level of knowledge and efficiency

Beside your level of knowledge Brainpower also measures your efficiency. This means: do you need a lot of questions to reach a high level of knowledge or do you already manage it? When you have a low percentage, you don't manage the basic knowledge well enough to continue with practicing. This can be confronting, but it's mainly efficient. 

Did you know?

You brain has an enourmous network of cells. This network expands every time you're learning. At that moment, new connections are made. When you work on these connections more often they become stronger. This has the result that you learn new behaviour.

The strength of Brainpower

Brainpower is developed in such way that you work with learning goals instead of questions. You get questions on your learning goal, but we question the learning goal from different perspectives. This way it remains fun and challenging and we make sure you really understand your learning goal.

Sleep is the ultimate learning fuel

Brainpower is a smart knowledge app, it's our goal to teach you new things in a clever and challenging way. Training endlessly is absolutely not helpful. Our brain simply needs time to process the information and store it in the right way. Learn for a short period of time, spread over several days and make sure you sleep well. In this way the information really is stored in your brain. Learn hard, but sleep well!