Peter & Ivo about 5 years of Hubper

Evie Schellens

🎉Hubper is 5 years old

And this should be celebrated! About 5years ago, Peter & Ivo began working on Hubper’s learning platform. They started together in a small attic room, and now have a team of 25 employees in the beautiful city of Nijmegen. Because of this special occasion, they recorded a podcast episode. Haven't had time to listen to this episode yet? In this blog Peter & Ivo look back on the past 5 years:

🏁 Hubper at the start 

The first two years we mostly worked behind the scenes. When we started we had a lot of ideas, and at the same time realised that it would need loads of work to get everything done. While we still are not where we want to be, it is really cool that we get confirmation from the market that we have an awesome product on our hands. 5 years later we are a lot more professional, and it is quite some time right, 5 years?

🚴‍♀️ The best team trip

Let’s start by saying that we are disappointed by the fact that we could barely go on any team trips in the last 2 years, because in these years we have gone through incredible growth for both the product and the team. So this summer we are going to celebrate the 5 year anniversary with the whole team! But the best trip of the last 5 years? The weekend trip to the Ardennes 3 years ago. That was our first big trip, so it was very cool. Besides it being really fun, we also had good conversations and received useful feedback during the weekend trip.

👶 The first employee

Hiring the first employee was super exciting. Our hiring process has remained the same ever since, we speak to someone and if it feels right, we go for it. We got very lucky with our first employee: a smart guy with lots of knowledge about programming, which we did not have much of at the time. That was our starting point: now we become a team and really build something.

🚀 The coolest feature 

We built an innovative & smart system in the past 5 years. Everything works together, and that is where our power is. Our product might seem simple, but that is not the case. The way content is created is very cool too. It is accessible so everyone can create their own content, and reusing content is easily done. Besides that, everything works on all devices - which is awesome. We are also very proud of the technical side of our company, we have brilliant developers in our midst who create innovative things. The special thing about that is that as a user you barely notice this, except for how smoothly everything works.

🧑🏼‍💼 About entrepreneurship

As a child, Peter wanted to become a chef - so something definitely went wrong there. While our ambitions were not necessarily to become entrepreneurs, we still thought it was cool to build something from scratch. It was more about the content, than the entrepreneurship itself. Sometimes we are bummed that we have to remove ourselves from the content, but then we jokingly say: we have a new job every six months. Which is also fun about this, because you work on a lot of different things and are finding new ways to grow your company.

🔮 Hubper in de toekomst

We are working to become the best LMS platform in the Netherlands, and we are well on our way. We keep getting validation and the confirmation that the big clubs are choosing Hubper. We hope to take the step abroad in the future. But the most important thing is that the atmosphere within our team stays the way it is, even though we hope that the team - along with the product - keeps growing in the coming years. In the performance cycle our team stated that they think Hubper is a great place to work. And we are proud of that.


Curious about the whole story? You can listen to the podcast here! (in dutch) 🚀