Keeping remote workers involved in your organisation

Working remotely has its challenges. At home various distractions are presented, such as chores, children and roommates, which makes it difficult to focus on your work. Moreover, you’re mainly alone and assigned to your own independence; there’s no possibility to walk to a colleague to ask something.

In short, as a remote worker it’s quite difficult to feel part of the team and the company. How do you keep employees involved in the company while seated at their kitchen table or in their attic? The answer is rather simple: a lot of mutual communication!

At the office you can chat at the coffee machine or take a walk during your lunch break. This isn’t the case when working from home. How do you create the same communication flows in your online environment? 

Your learning platform is the ideal place to communicate. We discuss a few examples. This is a good basic list which you can expand endlessly in your organisation.

Internal communication

Your learning platform is the perfect spot to have a weekly gathering with the whole team. Not to discuss work, but to go through the week informally. Achieved targets, birthdays, other business of the company, a nice press article that has been published, the possibility to ask questions or address unclarities, everything can be discussed during such sessions. 

It’s also good to stimulate ‘chat’ moments between colleagues. About work, but also about what’s going on in their private life. What it’s about doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s a contact moment. You can stimulate these kinds of informal contacts by organising a happy hour or a coffee break during work time. This is approachable and this way it doesn’t need to be initiated by the employees. 

Healthy and happy

No commuting, closed gyms, it’s quite difficult to maintain your shape. Of course you can walk and run, but a bit of competition and some support would be nice. 

A work-out challenge of the company is a nice solution for this. You can think of all kinds of things: a 30-days yoga challenge or a series of fitness exercises for at home. Your learning platform offers the possibility to share various healthy and fun activities. You can give your employees an active role as well, for example by letting them share their favourite lunch. Or create a joint company’s playlist on Spotify. 


The microlearnings on your platform are perfectly suited for providing tips to make working from home as pleasant and easy as possible: tips for mindfulness, about separating work from private, exercises to stay fit, focus tips etc. By acknowledging possible problems and paying attention to them, you realise a stronger involvement. Moreover, you keep your employees active within your learning platform, which makes it more likely they start other trainings as well. 


Everyone needs appreciation, your employees as well. Certainly when they’re working remotely. It’s not always easy to work on your own. As an employer you can also express your appreciation virtually. This isn’t a replacement of the 1-to-1 communication, of course, but more like a little extra. Give acknowledgement and send birthday cards. Did someone finish a task good and fast? Give them the rest of the day off and let them enjoy the sun. Use simple things to let your employees feel their effort is acknowledged. This way they feel seen and will participate actively in the company.