Five questions to get started on the design of your online training

Evie Schellens

Before you create an online training, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions to clarify the direction you want your training to go in. When you formulate your direction and end goal as clear as possible, chances are that your training will become a success. This blog contains five questions you can ask yourself when designing a training.

1. What problem do you want to solve in your online training?

Believe it or not, but a lot of e-learning designers forget to identify and communicate the problem that the training is trying to solve. You should spend enough time on formulating the problem and providing a measurable and clear solution, before you start with the rest of your training. Besides that, your training should solve a relevant problem, one that your users actually face.


You can start asking yourself in this phase: ‘What if I decide not to create this training?’ Might sound a bit weird, but when you ask this question to your team or future users you will get an insight into the relevance of the problem that you want to solve with your training. 

2. Who are your users?

Make sure that you have a clear profile of your users before you start designing the training. Take the time to imagine the target group of the e-learning. Ask yourself the following: 

  • For which age group is the training? Young, old, mixed?
  • Are your users tech savvy?
  • Are the employees new or do they have experience?
  • Did they finish a training on your topic before?
  • Do they use this?
  • Was there feedback?

The answers to questions like these influence the way you create your content.

3. How do your users feel about following this online training?

It is not easy to explain something to a person who does not want to learn. It is therefore very important to perfectly formulate and communicate the benefits of following the training. Always emphasise the end goal. Nobody wants to take driving lessons, but we all do it because the benefit is clear: independence. The same thing counts for a training. You can make it as fun and interactive as possible, but if the benefits are not clear to the user, chances are that they will not finish the training. No matter what your employees think about your training, keep trying to change their minds and get them to have a positive attitude.  

4. What do you expect to change after the online training?

What do you want your users to know or do after they finished the online training? What is the behavioural change that this training causes? Ask yourself how to connect the end results to the goals of the user and think about the challenge of communicating the benefits to both parties.

Curious about how to formulate good learning goals? We wrote about it in this blog before!

5. Focus on the ‘need-to-know’

It is essential to know exactly what knowledge is needed to implement the changes you expect from your users. Ask yourself what the real ‘need-to-knows’ are, so you can focus on this knowledge and leave the ‘nice-to-know’ out. 

Good luck designing your online training! Do you still get stuck? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help.