Counteracting work stress with an online academy

Evie Schellens

The OVAL (organisation for vitality, activation, and career) is organising the Week of the Work Stress from 15 until 19 November. The main theme of this year is creating mental strength. The goal is to create awareness among employers and employees about their own responsibilities regarding this theme. Mental strength is not only about how you react to certain situations, but also about being prepared for stress or setbacks.   

Work stress in the workplace

A little bit of stress at work is not that bad, because it can motivate us to achieve our goals. We retain facts better and are able to finish tasks within the established deadlines. If this stress turns into an overburdening, however, the consequences will be negative. 

Some common negative stress factors in the workplace are:

  • Overburdening at work and deadlines that are too tight
  • Lack of clear task instructions
  • Adapting to change
  • Lack of growth opportunities

Counteracting work stress with an online academy

Your online academy can help to reduce the stress of each one of these factors. For instance, you can provide your new employees with clear e-learnings to guide them in the right direction, and according to the norms that your organisation expects. 

Clear-cut instructions in videos, infographics, and other interactive images help your employees understand what they need to do, and how they should do this. Did you forget how that one process worked? Your employee can watch the video again and continue their task, without having to wait for a colleague to explain it (again) and wasting precious time. This level of independence takes away a big stress factor and saves time. 

It is understandable that an employee would like to develop their career further. When this opportunity is absent in an organisation it can lead to stress, after which the involvement at work decreases significantly. Research finds that 25% of all employees starts to look for another job when there is a lack of possibilities for growth and learning at their current job. 

Tips to prevent work stress

Prevention is better than recovery. Do you want to keep your employees mentally healthy? Keep the following points of attention in mind: 

  • Show appreciation and acknowledgement
  • Make sure there is a realistic schedule. Online tools, like Slack or Asana, can help with this!
  • Get your employees to move around and exercise in any type of way
  • By training the soft skills, you create mental strength. There are multiple courses in the online academy that can help your employees deal with changes.
  • Acknowledge stress at work on time. Ask how people are doing and invest in good feedback.
  • Stimulate personal development.

Do you want to reduce the stress factors within your organisation and do you want more information about how an online academy can assist you? Contact us, we would like to advise you on this. Besides happy and healthy employees, the online academy has lots more to offer which you can discover in an online demo!