Digital onboarding with an online academy

Did you know that good onboarding can make sure that your employees are more involved from day one?

The value of a good onboarding

During the first days of their employment, your employees create their own perception of the organisation and their future within your company. A good first impression is therefore very valuable. An effective and inspiring onboarding does not only decrease the employee turnover, but also increases the productivity of your employees. It creates a bond between employees and the organisation, and it also accelerates the onboarding process.

Why a digital onboarding process?

An online platform puts all information into one place, so you do not have to invest into one-on-one onboarding activities anymore. Digitising the onboarding process therefore saves both time and money. Employers can easily create their own onboarding programme in an online learning environment. New employees can follow the programme at their own pace.

Other advantages of digital onboarding

  • Increases the involvement with the organisation from day one
  • Accelerates the time-until-productivity after the onboarding process
  • Increases retention among employees

Consistency in onboarding

Nowadays, working remotely can be done in all sectors. But this also means that not everyone gets the same onboarding process. With the help of an online academy you can create one consistent onboarding flow (in multiple languages) to offer your employees the correct start. Think of, for example, temporary employees who pass on the same existing knowledge again and again. Digitisation makes sure that this knowledge does not get lost and it automates the onboarding process.

Create your own online onboarding experience

Onboarding is your new employee’s first impression of the company. This is a vital part in binding the staff to the organisation. A staggering 22% of companies do not have a formal course for this. This can be done differently! Get in touch with us and create your own online onboarding experience for your new employees.

Give your new employees a flying start with an online onboarding experience on the online academy