A rapid onboarding with an online academy

Give your new employees a warm welcome and a rapid start with an online learning hub. 

The importance of a good onboarding

The onboarding of a new employee is a process. It starts from the moment a new colleague agrees with their employment contract and it ends with the complete integration of the employee within the organisation. During an onboarding programme you provide information about the tasks of the new employee, the organisation processes and the organisation culture. Not only the onboarding programme is important in this process, but also the social integration of the new employee. Employees create an image of the organisation and their future within the organisation in the first few days. A good first impression is thus of high importance. An effective and inspiring onboarding doesn’t only lower the employee turnover, but it also increases the productivity of your employees. It ensures more binding between employees and the organisation and it speeds up the onboarding process.

Advantages of a digital onboarding process

An online learning platform ensures all information on one spot. You don’t need to invest in one-to-one classical onboarding activities. Digitalising the onboarding process is thus time saving and cost efficient. Employers easily put together an onboarding programme in an online learning hub. New employees can then follow the programme at their own pace.

Online pre-boarding: shorten the onboarding time

To achieve a rapid start it’s convenient when your new colleagues are already familiar with the basic information about the organisation and their new position before their first day. Share for example already some log in codes, house rules and clothing rules. You can also announce work instructions and protocols beforehand and explain these in the first week. A pre-boarding shortens the final onboarding time and prevents an information overload for the new employees on their first work day. 

Personal and interactive

An online academy is perfect for creating a personal and interactive onboarding process. A personal touch to an onboarding programme ensures a bigger welcome feeling for the new employee. Add for example a welcome video to the online learning hub, or share a face map so the new employees know who they’ll work with in the organisation.