Easily build your own online academy

Let your employees or learners develop themselves more effectively than ever with the extensive features of our online learning platform.


You’re in good company

More than 100 companies learn with Hubper, and we’re proud of that!

Our platform

You can build your online academy in a few clicks with our extensive features and possibilities. In this video we’ll show you more of our learning platform.

Team overview

Realtime insight in the progress of your team. How far is everyone? How do your learners or employees learn? Who doesn’t meet the qualifications yet? 

Author’s tool

Easily build e-learning modules, add various sorts of content, drag them to the right place and you can directly see how the user will experience the e-learning.

Smart learning

Hubper helps you to learn smart and efficiently. We continuously measure what you already manage and what needs more attention. In this way you learn what you don’t know yet. 

The best content

Do you want to learn even more? Search through the library. You can find various trainings in various forms here. There’ll always be an interesting training that suits you. 


You can easily link Hubper with other apps, such as LTI, AFAS, ListenNotes and SCORM.

Learning Analytics

Making learning measurable is an important part of the learning process. Our learning analytics give insight in the learning process on an activity level and employees level.


An online academy often offers the solution for various challenges in organisations. View a few examples when our learning platform can help you down below.

Continuous HR development

Do the employees of your organisation actually have the skills the organisation needs? Inventory if the needed skills are present and what still needs development by using Hubper. This way the organisation and the employees can grow. Ensure that your employees are sustainably employable and use the insights in for example the talent acquisition process. 

Online academy for learners

Being an organisation or educator you want to offer your employees or learners a user-friendly and appealing learning hub. Hubper makes this possible. Our adaptive learning systems adapts completely to the style of the learner. Learning becomes thus an efficient process and ensures the learner of a positive learning experience. 

Onboarding employees

Offering employees a spotless onboarding often appears to be a challenge, while it’s a super important process to directly bind new employees to the company. The onboarding process will go smooth using the online academy in Hubper. Compose your own e-learning in which all important info of the first weeks is presented in a clear manner and in the right order. 

Create a learning organisation

Empower your employees or learners to learn continuously and to develop themselves, so they can adapt their service to a continuously changing environment. Our online academy offers all possibilities to achieve this.