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Create a smart and personal learning environment for a future proof organisation with ease.

Our vision becomes your growth

We believe in growth. We achieve this by making the learning process interactive, effective, and insightful. Is your organisation ready to grow?

Continuous learning

Continuous learning, daily or weekly, wherever you are, is efficient and effective. With the online academy, employees always have relevant knowledge at their disposal, which they can immediately apply to their work. This is not only possible on your computer, but also in our app! Multiple languages are available, so you can create an organisation that is continuously learning in no-time!

Developing skills

Employees that possess well-developed skills are valuable for an organisation. With the help of an online academy you can develop the skills that are relevant now, and for the future. Besides online courses that you can create yourself, there are other essential e-learnings available in our library. Your employees can get to work immediately!

Safeguarding knowledge

Do you possess lots of knowledge already? You can easily create your own e-learnings in our Authoring tool. This is how you can secure your professionals’ knowledge in one environment. Do you want to learn more? Cool! There are plenty of courses available in our library, which are designed by specialists. Your employees are able to further develop themselves at any moment of the day.

Making growth insightful

Measure the growth of your employees easily. How do you students or employees learn? Who does not have the required qualifications yet? You can get insight into your team’s progress with the Learning Analytics, which gives you a look into the learning process on activity and employee level. This is where you can continue growing on an organisational level.

You are in good company

More than 200 companies are already learning with Hubper, and we are very proud of that!<br />

Combining the best parts of learning & tech

On our online learning platform we combine the best parts of tech and learning. Our smart learning management system maximises the growth of your organisation.

  • LMS & LXP

    The ideal mix between an LMS & LXP. An LXP offers you a personalised, social, online learning experience for users. It helps users discover their learning possibilities and offers them ways to improve them. At the same time, you can organise and manage the learning demand and progress of your users with the LMS, all from one central and organised platform.

  • Hubper Learnings

    Do you want to fill your library with existing learning activities? Our Hubper Learnings are developed by specialists that devote a lot of attention to interaction and design, which keeps your employees challenged and involved. Another cool thing: we have a broad catalogue. From sustainability to marketing, and from management to personal effectiveness. The focus is on soft skills that are relevant for everyone, regardless of function and organisation.

  • Authoring tool

    You are the creator of your learning catalogue. You can easily create e-learning modules, add different types of content, drag it to the right spot, and immediately see how the user will experience the e-learning. This is how you can develop courses that are seamlessly connected to one another or are perfectly suited to the needs of your users within the organisation. Do you want an external learning catalogue in the library? You can integrate them easily by using our integration with SCORM, LTI, GoodHabitz, and Edubookers.